Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander 2.02 beta

It is a file manager that provides an interface with two panels
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Unreal Commander is a helpful file manager ideal to manipulate many files at the same time. It has a friendly interface with two panels. On each panel you can view folders from different locations. The files are displayed hierarchically but you can sort them by name, extension, size, date, etc. You can also display brief names or full names with their details, and show the information with thumbnails.

It provides network connectivity via FTP, command line operations, and quick access to system folders. Among the common file operations you can use there are: view, edit, copy, paste, cut, rename, delete, search, pack in zip files, etc., but the most attractive are the synchronization of directories, the multi-rename tool, and the quick view panel that shows file content in the second panel.

Its GUI allows you to customize its visualization style and includes buttons to perform some actions. Besides, each function has its own shortcut key.

The last thing to mention is that even that the program is free, it requires you to create a license key to perform some operations. But the creation of the license is free and requires just few seconds to get it - no registration required.

In short, this program can be useful when handling multiple files without having to change between windows.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Multiple files manipulation
  • Synchronization of directories
  • Multi-renaming tool
  • Quick view panel to show the content of files
  • FTP support


  • The quick view does not support some type of files
  • Even that the program is free, it requires you to
  • get a license key to perform some actions, which can be obtained in few seconds
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