Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander

A two-panel file explorer supporting local and remote locations
Unreal Commander v3.57
31 Oct 2020
Editorial review
Unreal Commander v2.02.4
4 Apr 2014
Unreal Commander v2.02b
2.02 β
23 Apr 2013
Editorial review
Unreal Commander v0.96
14 Feb 2008

What's new

v3.57 [25 Feb 2017]
64-bit version of the program
Skins support
New Packer module (with Unicode support and 7z)
Elevation of privilege
Built-in mini-utility for downloading files (Tools → Files downloading)
Built-in backup mini-utility (Tools → Backup utility)
Function of quick change icons of directories (Commands → Assign directory icon)
Action after the completion queues (Sleep mode, Hibernate, Turn Off the computer)
Sending tasks to a new queue from an existing
The ability to do task "closed"
"Keep symbolic links" mode (used for copying and moving files)
and a large number of small additions

v2.02 [23 Apr 2013]
Thumbnail mode
WDX plug-in support
Hard link creation
Sub tool bars in the tool bar
File list scaling
Placing network resources in the network root
Language file editor
Tattoo and glass effects for dialog windows
Storing the settings in the Windows registry
A new style for rendering list items
Directory hashing
Saving group renaming profiles
Quick history clearing
Displaying free disk space in the select disk dialog
Optional use of IEC standard (KiB, MiB, GiB)
Some minor improvements
Some bugs when using drag’n’drop
Bug when going to differences found in the file comparison window
Bug when running a file search with specifying the file size
Bug when splitting a file in the same directory
Incorrect column widths in the synchronization window
FTP reconnection bug
Bug when dimming a background window
Bug when saving the ignore list
Some minor bugs

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